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Monday July 6th, 2020


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[Heungin Elementary School] Learned the Earth and Cause of Global Warming and Made Environmental Calendar

  • Location | Heungin Elementary School
  • Date | 2012.04.26
  • View | 3360


Everyone has A4 sized paper. What is today’s class?
Let’s go into the class in Heungin Elementary School! 



This class was done with the subject of the Earth and global warming.



The continued class was making an environmental calendar!
We made an environmental calendar by using recycled paper consisted of natural wood pulp.
With the calendar form, students decorated it by themselves.
We could use magazine, newspaper, poster, leaflet, etc.








If we mark plan (schedules) of this year on the environmental calendar, it would be good to remember, wouldn’t it?



Making environmental calendar with Little Daejayon in Heungin Elementary School!
How was it? Don’t forget plans you write on the calendar while making an environmental calendar.

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