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Wednesday March 29th, 2024


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Young people are the generation
who will face the unexpected backlash of
climate change.

If the global average temperature rises 2°C more than the industrial revolution, we will face the irreversible climate disasters.
The irreversible climate disasters if the global average temperature rises more than 2°C
IPCC Fourth Assessment Report(AR4) addresses that “If the global average temperature rises 2°C more than the industrial revolution, we will face the irreversible climate disasters.” Limiting the rise in average global temperature to 2°C above pre-industrial levels is possible only if cumulative CO2 emissions in the period 2000-2050 do not exceed 1000 to 1500 billion tons. For this, EU, Japan and Russia ratify the Tokyo Protocol specifying that the developed countries should reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 5.2 percent below their 1990 levels in the period 2008 to 2012. However, despite of the Tokyo Protocol, CO2 emissions has increased 38 percent in last 20years. Human beings have emitted almost the half of one trillion tons of CO2 and at the current rate it would lead to an additional 496 billion metric tons of CO2 emissions
If the global average temperature rises 7°C, the earth will become uninhabitable place and young people will face the unexpected backlash of climate change.
The global average temperature rises at least 6.4°C by the end of 21st century due to the accelerating temperature rise.
In the Arctic, there have been continued declines in the ice volume of Arctic and some parts of the Antarctic ice sheet are also losing significant volume (very high confidence) by 2037. The global average temperature rises 6.8°C in 2100. If the global average temperature rises 7°C, the earth will become uninhabitable place and young people will face the unexpected backlash of climate change.

Rising Impacts of Global Warming

One-Degree Rise
Many small organisms which wouldn’t be able to adapt to the climate change will be extinct.
The bread basket area including Great Plains in U.S will be devastated, Numerous people will suffer from steeply rising price of groceries worldwide. Sand storm will devastate various parts of the land as the number of plants holding earth together tightly decreases. Coral reef will collapse. Moreover, melting of polar ice cap and permafrost (soil at or below the freezing point of water 0 °C (32 °F) for two or more years) will cause sea level rise. As a result, many island countries will sink. But still, all of these are the beginning of disasters.
Two-Degree Rise
Super pervasive drought will occur due to the change of the characteristic of Monsoon climate (used to describe seasonal changes in atmospheric circulation and precipitation associated with the asymmetric heating of land and sea) which accompanied by seasonal heavy rain.
Many senior citizens exhausted by hot weather will be dying because of blackout caused by halt of the hydroelectric generation. Agriculture will fail, and it will be nearly impossible those who lost their job to buy a bottle of water. It is because the water will become the most valuable resources as the sources of water such as ice cap on the high mountain, will be exhausted. The North Passage will be open as the polar ice cap melts away. People will find polar bear only in zoos in the future.
Three-Degree Rise
Human race will face the limit of survival due to the rising temperature.
eservoir will be dried rapidly, starvation and desertification will more frequently occur. Amazon, having become arid, will face the worst forest fire ever and the whole Amazon rainforest will be erased from the map. Super hurricane will destroy coastal areas, and insects will be prevailing tropical area. People from hot and arid area or inundated area will initiate migration seeking for food and livelihood. Suffering people from poor countries and those from rich countries who have been caused the poverty of poor countries will conflict each other.
Four-Degree Rise
Despite of the immense levee and bank, all regions bordering ocean will be inundated.
Those who have lost their livelihood because of sea level rise will flee to the place to live. Reconstruction is almost impossible due to financial lost and social turmoil caused by destruction of coastal cities, even construction of refugee camp to support climate refugee seems to be impossible. Although the amount of rainfall increases by a quarter in Korea, land is still arid due to the temperature rises in the land. With habitable areas (Northern hemisphere countries which have relatively cooler climate) becoming more and more crowded, conflict and chaos may come sooner rather than later.
Five-Degree Rise
Drought belt which encircles the earth will spread, and Korea, Japan and South East Asian countries will be included in the arid belt.
As it emerged from the ocean surface, warming up and losing pressure, the methane within had turned from ice to gas in an explosive chain reaction. When this happens, strong shockwaves propagate outward from the area of disturbance. Everyone knows the name of these waves-tsunamis. International trade will become unable and another Great depression will take place due to the capital market crash. China will invade Russia and U.S will attack Canada in order to occupy North Pole region. Humans are herded into shrinking “zones of habitability” by the twin crises of drought and flood.
Six-Degree Rise
Sudden shift of climate due to the extreme greenhouse effect kills many organisms which wouldn’t be able to adapt to it.
As the surface of the sea become hot, seawater will not flow and the circulation will be stopped as well. The pump is primed for the worst of all earthly outcomes-mass distinction. The methane hydrates form clouds in the atmosphere. And methane hydrates condense to form methane-air clouds and explode. If these clouds of methane hydrate explode, they vaporize everything in its path. Poisonous sulfur erupts upward from rotting organic material on the seafloor in massive bursts, the resulting toxic brew discoloring the sea. The ozone layer will be destroyed, so the burning ultraviolet light could reach the ground. Eventually, It will cause mass extinctions of life.