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Wednesday March 29th, 2024


Program Green School Home


Designation of Green School

Green School Signing Ceremony
The school signs an MOU with Daejayon based on mutual trust and cooperation.
Green School Signboard Hanging Ceremony
The school comes to be known as the Green School to the teaching staff, students and citizens.
Green School Inauguration
Through the Green School Inauguration, the school helps the students be aware that their school became a Green School so that all students of the school can participate on it.

Training Program to Produce Global Environmental Leaders for all the Students of Green School

Environmental education for teaching staffs
We make school officials, teachers and all the students of Green School realize the crisis of global warming, and save energy in school.
Environmental Campaign for all the Students of Green School
We make all the students of Green School get interested in environment and grow into environmental custodians.
Environmental Board
Environmental boards help the students know the seriousness of global warming and inform the amount of energy consumption in school. It also gives information on how CO2 emission in school affects environment as well as ‘10 Green School Practices.’
Energy saving campaign
We make school officials, teachers and all the students of Green School realize the crisis of global warming, and save energy in school. In recognition of our contribution in achieving the Korea’s targets for reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and creating low-carbon green culture, Daejayon won the Award for Outstanding Contribution to Energy Conservation from the chief director of the Korea Energy Management Corporation in 2010.
Environment Festival
Through the environmental performance, quiz and exhibition, we makes all the students of Green School recognize the seriousness of climate change and have interest on environment.

Environmental Education for School Officials

Environmental Seminar and Workshop
If teachers do not a sense of environment, it is impossible to make a successful result in environmental education and Green School programs. This is why we hold environmental seminars and workshops for teachers to change their consciousness on environment. “Seeing the Daejayon Report today, now I’m aware of the importance of environment. I will try to support each school to have environmental education.” Supervisor Sohn Byeong-ho, Seongnam Office of Education

Environmental Education for School Parents

Environmental Seminar and Family Camp
We carry out an environmental education for school parents so that the students get environmental education and save energy at home.

Global Green School Network

1. Global Green School Network
We share environmental excellent cases with overseas Green School through on-line network.
2. Visit to Overseas Green School
We visit and experience an excellent Green School and then apply to Green School in Korea.
  • 3. Global Environmental Theme Program
    • Joint Green School Activity with Overseas Little Daejayon
    • 1) Homestay during vacation
    • 2) Sisterhood School Field Trip
    • 3) Youth Environmental Forum (Little Daejayon report, case presentation)
    • 4) Environmental Festival
    • 5) Activities to establish new Green School (seminar, campaign, signature-
    • seeking movement)
  • 4. Global Green School Leader’s Environmental Camp
    • Green School leaders’ meeting and develop their capability
  • 5. Global Green School Eco-League
    • Share excellent Green School activities and give awards
  • 6. Green School Global Forum
    • Discuss how to develop Green School with Green School faculty and
    • environmental specialists
  • 7. Little Daejayon Teachers’ Oversea Inquiry
    • To establish new Green School and learn excellent Green School
    • Exchange with overseas Little Daejayon teachers

Training Program to Produce Global Environmental Leader ‘Little Daejayon’

Little Daejayon Environmental Club Activity
Little Daejayon Environmental Club takes the lead in making Green School.
Environmental Education
Through systematic education by each age group, we produce global environmentalists like Al Gore.
We hold campaigns to protect and recover environment and develop new methods.
Environmental Camp
Through the exchange program between the university student environmentalists and the environmental leaders of other universities, we encourage them to get interested more on environment.
Eco Tour
We help students to realize the value of nature and have knowledge on it.
Environmental Forum
By sharing cases of Green School, we try to findout problems and solve them through discussion.

Curriculum examples

Class Category Program
1 Orientation Orientation
2 Lesson The Reason Why We Save the Earth
3 Lesson Global Warming and Climate Disaster
4 Labs Making Eco-friendly Lip Balm
5 Lesson Worldwide Environment Problem
6 Lesson Climate Change and Global Trend
7 Lesson Environment and Health
8 Lesson Population Growth and Environment
9 Lesson Wetland and Eco System
10 Lesson Acidified Forest
11 Labs Making Eco-friendly Handkerchief
12 Lesson Biological Diversity
13 Lesson Biological Usage of City Forest
14 Lesson Saving Energy by Using Natural Energy
15 Lesson How to Reduce CO2
16 Lesson Environmental Manners to Practice Love for Humanity
17 Field Trip Wetland, Ecology Field Trip and Cleanup Campaign
18 Test Mid-term Examination(Presentation of Environmental Education)
19 Labs Eco-friendly Dyeing
20 Lesson Green Home – BedZED of the UK(The eco-village, a prototype for zero carbon homes)
21 Activity Designing Our Green Home Blueprints
22 Lesson A Case Study on Eco City (Freiburg in Germany)
23 Lesson Eco-Friendly Administration’s Policies (Freiburg City Hall in Germany)
24 Lesson A Case Study on Recycling (Eden Project of the UK) (The Change of Conception: Changing
Abandoned Mine into the Place of Environmental Education)
25 Activity Designing Our Eco Village Blueprints (by Group)
26 Lesson A Case Study on Green School: Heungin Elementary School, Seoul, Korea
27 Activity Designing our Green School Blueprints (by Group)
28 Lesson A Case Study on Low-Carbon Green Growth of Korea
29 Activity Designing our Eco Country Blueprints (by Group)
30 Test Presentation on Green School, Eco City and Eco Country Projects
31 The Last Class The Last Class Ceremony (Awards and Completion Certificate)
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