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Sunday December 3rd, 2023


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Minimal Energy Campaign🔌

  • Date. 2022. 2. 21
  • view. 805
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  • Time | 4:48
  • Date | 2022. 2. 1
Minimal life refers to a life where you have only the minimum items necessary for life according to the three conditions: throw away, reduce, and organize.

If so, can a perfect minimalist life be completed just by reducing the number of things?

As a minimalist who cares about the environment and the earth suffering from excessive greenhouse gas emissions and climate crisis, it is necessary to pay attention to the reduction of indiscriminately wasted standby power and energy.

Let's take a look at how to practice the 'Minimal energy life' that combines a minimal life with the environment!
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Minimal Energy Campaign🔌
Time 4:48 | 2022. 2. 1
View 805
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