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Tuesday June 25th, 2024


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Your warm helping hands will make the Green Earth

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In human history, no disaster has killed more people than global warming does; nothering has harmed human races more than it does. The best way to practice your love for humanity is to try to cope with global warming that threatens the survival of mankind, and conserve environment clean.

DAEJAYON produces youth and university student environmentalists who will drive our future. Become a supporter of DAEJAYON, today! The youth and the university students who think about the future of mankind will become great environmental leaders, and will make the Green Earth for all of us through their global environmental movement.

When you become our supporter,

· You can support DAEJAYON by regular donation.
· You can take part in our environmental training programs.
· You can receive our booklets and news letter.
· You will be invited to out events.

Become a supporter of Daejayon

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Address 181, Eulji-ro 2-ga, jung-gu, Seoul, Korea
Account No. 630-008047-182

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