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Sunday July 14th, 2024


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Purpose of Activity

To help the youth of this generation, who will face the backlash of climate change, prepare themselves against climate disasters in the near future

The Youth are the generation who will face the backlash of climate change which is the leftover from the older generations.

Let us imagine our near future, the 2020s and the 2030s. This is the time that most of the youth are devoting their lives for their dreams.
For the future of us and our children, however, we should grapple with the problem of global warming.
According to IPCC, the year 2020’s average global temperature will rise more than 1℃ and as a result 1.7 billion people will suffer water shortage and many populations will be troubled with famine and the spread of painful diseases. Also, we will see a world that we have never experienced before; oceans will be acidified and 30 percent of the species will go extinct.

The youth of this generation are not aware of their future but are just exposed to the upcoming climate disaster with no preparation. We are to help the youth be aware of the reality of climate crisis and the change of our planet Earth in the near future so that they can make an effort to overcome global warming and cope with the difficulties that arise with it.

To produce environmental leaders practicing their love for humanity who are suffering from climate disasters

The youth are the generation who can have a dream to become environmentalists and pursue it.

Human greed and selfishness are speeding up global warming even at this moment, and many people lose their loving families and livelihood because of the climate disasters pouring out everywhere. So, loving the environment and making an effort for it is the best way to practice love for humanity. We are desperate to have the environmental leaders who realize the crisis of climate change and have the ability to handle the global warming wisely; and they are the youth who are in the times of constructing their values and are ready to proceed ahead for their dreams.

Purpose of Activity

Let people recognize the crisis of the climate change and educate how to cope with

Produce global environmental leaders who practice love for humanity

Make Green School all over the world and energy independence school