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Sunday July 14th, 2024

Introduction of Green World

Purpose of Activity Green World Home

Purpose of Activity

We will overcome global warming by leading the whole world to participation.

The average temperatures of the earth has risen 0.74℃.
The average temperatures of South Korea has risen 1.7℃.
The average temperatures of Gangnam-gu, Seoul, has risen 2.4℃.

The fact that the earth is getting warmer now than ever before is an undeniable reality, and many people are aware of its seriousness. The international society also considers climate change seriously. The air and water pollution, which was a main environmental problem in the 20th century, was relatively a regional issue. On the contrary, climate change has critical repercussions for the whole world, and even threatens the survival of the human race. We can overcome global warming when all the people and nations work together actively.

We’re making efforts to help
local governments be aware
of environmental problems
and implement policies.

Over 80% of the world greenhouse gases are emitted
from the metro region, which is only 2% of the whole
surface of the earth.

“City leaders could not wait on the painfully slow progress of
national governments on green issues. The battle to tackle
climate change will be won or lost in cities,”
said Mr. Livingstone, the former mayor of London.

If we consider that over 80% of the world greenhouse gases are emitted from the metro region which is only 2% of the whole surface of the earth, our efforts to cope with climate change at a regional level is desperately needed, separately from at a international or national level. Daejayon supports major cities to cope with global climate change together, and to demonstrate their leadership so that they can map out detailed plans to act and cooperate for mitigation of greenhouse gases.

Earth Walk: Helping
Climate Refugees

As much as we’ve enjoyed comfort, the ecosystem has been destroyed and humankind
is groaning in pain by the climate disaster.
We all are the culprits of global warming.
We are holding the Earth Walk Campaign and
the Earth Walk Forum to remember and help
climate refugees who are suffering because of

Purpose of Activity

Change the attitude of local governments and let them regard the environment serious

Overcome global warming by leading the participation of the whole world

Make all city of the world greener and energy independent city