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Sunday July 14th, 2024


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Inchang Middle School Little DAEJAYON Minimal Waste Eco-Friendly Festival

  • Location | Inchang Middle School
  • Date | 2023.11.24
  • View | 231

Inchang Middle School held the Honeybee Festival.

In the club room, exhibition introducing the club and environmental activities were displayed.

In the schoolyard, Little DAEJAYON campaign booth was operated.

Students introduced eco-friendly products they made at class.

This year's Honeybee Festival was held as a minimal waste festival

which was proposed by DAEJAYON.

Students made keyrings with sock remnants.

At the food booth, multi-use containers were used to reduce disposable waste.

With the Inchang Middle School students, we used 1,500 muli-use containers,

reduced 78kg of waste, 368kg of GHG and 2.5kg of fine dust.

Look forward to the activities of Little DAEJAYON club that practices climate crisis reponse!

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