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Wednesday March 29th, 2024

Introduction of Green World

Program Green World Home


APublicity Delegation for C40 Large Cities Climate Change Summit
Our activities as the publicity delegation for C40 large cities climate change summit catches the world’s interest and we keep working together to prepare countermeasure against climate change.
Cooperation Network against Climate Change with Local Governments
We help the local governments’ change their awareness on environmental issues so that they can take action against climate change. By building a cooperation network, we share exemplary cases and work together against climate change.
Earth Walk: Global Walking Project to Help Climate Refugees
We take action for climate refugees to obtain legal status by international law, raise awareness about the necessity of climate change response by providing people with information about climate refugees, and help climate refugees with funds.
Environmental Seminar for Citizens
We help citizens become conscious of environment and show them the way to participate in environmental activities so that they can live an environmentally friendly life
Environmental Campaign for Citizens
We hold environmental campaigns with citizens of all ages to arouse their interest so that they can save energy in their daily lives.
Daejayon Green Festival
We hold the Green Festival to draw people’s attention to the environment so that they can participate in climate change response. About 15,000 citizens join in the festival every year.
Clean-up & Greening Campaign
We carry out the clean-up campaigns to make the earth remain as the Blue Planet, and the greening campaign to stop sea level rise and desertification. Through these campaigns, we are making the healthy earth.
Overseas Green Culture Experience Team
We visit excellent environmental organizations to share environmental knowledge and techniques. We also conduct activities to solve environmental issues with overseas organizations.
Producing Green Mother
We train housewives as Green Mothers so that they can make their houses Green Home, and furthermore, their community Green City.