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Wednesday July 6th, 2022


Porducing Little Daejayon Green School Home

Green School Environmental Education for Environmental Club at Gawon Middle School

  • Location | Gawon Middle School
  • Date | 2022.04.28
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On April 28, green school environmental education was conducted

with the environmental club students in Gawon Middle School.

Environmental club in Gawon Middle School was established this year

with the students who are will to take the lead in protecting the environment.

We could feel the passion of the Little DAEJAYON

from the eyes and attitude of the students who are participating in the education.

The first class was a theoretical education on

"Little DAEJAYON Report: The Voice of Future Generations Moves the World."

Earth is suitable for live.

Sometimes we think that everything we enjoy on earth is natural and eternal.

Nevertheless, our planet earth is enduring it so thankfully.

Recently, however, unusual news has been heard from all over the world.

In the international community, there are calls for the use of the terms

"global heating" and "climate crisis" instead of "global warming" and climate change."

This means that the earth is in difficulty.

All life, as well as humans, will be in trouble due to global heating.

To save the earth from global heating

and to protect our precious family, friends and neighbors,

each and every one of us needs to change.

We need to first take interest in the environment, second take action, and lastly change!

Second class was a bingo game on endangered animals!

Due to climate crisis, many animals have lost their habitats and became endangered.

Through the bingo game,

we had time to look and remember which animals were endangered.

Some endangered animals are new to us, but some are very familiar.

We should pay attention and make effort to prevent animals from becoming endangered!

We hope that the interest and efforts for the Little DAEJAYON students

will save our beautiful planet earth!🌍

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