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Wednesday March 29th, 2024


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[Inchang Middle School] Green School, Green Festival Reple 1

  • Location | Inchang Middle School
  • Date | 2015.10.23
  • View | 1968

The environmental club of Inchang Middle School, Little Daejayon, conducted 

Green Festival at 2015 Inchang Middle School festival, Honey Bee Festival.

Many officers as well as the principal and the vice principal

showed interest to Little Daejayon's Green Festival!

'Very special story of climate refugee' told by Daejayon

Minuk taught the climate refugee to Little Daejayon students

so that they could explain it to friends :)

Little Daejayon students explained what they learned through Little Daejayon environmental class.

What a genuine environmental leader!

A message of hope to climate refugees

After listening the story of the climate refugees,

students wrote a message of hope to climate refugees.

We hope that the hopeful messages of Inchang Middle School students encourage the climate refugees!

Despite the short time,

many students participated to the corner!

Eco Class : Environmental Jenga

Through a funny game,

the students could gain environmental knowledge.

Mission! Save the Earth

The Earth in Danger


This booth was popular to many students :)

Some behaviors which save the Earth are written on the jenga.

Please practice the behaviors! :D

Eco Class : Making Eco Pouch

The students drew a picture on a plain pouch,

with mind loving the environment :D

The picture won't be erased

if you iron the pouch after drawing a picture.

Let's make my own eco pouch!

Eco Class : Making Eco Febreze

Eco Febreze had been popular to Little Daejayon students,

as it has deodorant and sterilizing effect.

It was also popular during the festival as well!

Its lemon flavor is so fresh

that it makes us fresh when you spray it to school uniforms, bags, and on the air. :)

Visual Art SEE THE GREEN Campaign

with Korean Energy Agency and Spacecroft

While solving some quizzes about energy saving,

the students could realize a bad habit and know a right way to save the energy!

Exhibition of Little Daejayon Activity

We also exhibited Inchang Little Daejayon's activity of this year.

It makes us to recall the memory with Inchang Little Daejayon :)


ZERO Leftover Campaign


teachers and the students conducted the Zero Leftover Campaign

with Zero Leftover Campaign pickets

that they had made during the last Little Daejayon environmental class.

"A clean dish is a face of Inchang Middle School!"

"Let's make free-leftover school with Little Daejayon!"

"ZERO Leftover!"

"Thinking of the Earth, eat cleanly without leftover!"

Daejayon promotion booth

If you wonder about the environmental organization Daejayon,

visit the promotion booth! :D

We give you a Daejayon leaflet and a newsletter :)

If you want to know the activities of Daejayon,

search 'Daejayon' on the internet!

Visit our website, XD

Green Festival with Daejayon

University student teachers of Daejayon, along with Little Daejayon members, planned experiential programs

that all students can participate to and experience the seriousness of climate change.

Through the various experiential programs,

we drew the interest of students

and educational effect as well.

The festival was very successful!

Thanks to the Daejayon university student environmental teachers!

And thanks to Little Daejayon, too!

Please be with Daejayon, for Green School and Green Earth!

Cheer up, Inchang Little Daejayon!

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