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Saturday September 23th, 2023


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[Daemyeong Middle School] Green School, Green Festival Reple 1

  • Location | Daemyeong Middle School
  • Date | 2015.10.20
  • View | 1781

One day with a cool wind of autumn♬♪,

the playground of Daemyeong Middle School got crowded!

It is because of Green Festival with Daejayon
Although we have often met Daemyeong Little Daejayon,
we couldn't meet the other students of Daemyeong Middle School. T.T
However, today we communicated with many other students

and teach them about the environment through Green Festival.
It was truly interesting!
Then, let's look into the festival!

Some students were learning about climate problems.
Although we live a happy and convenient life,

some people and animals in other countries are sick

and dying due to the climate problems.

It is very good to see them listen intently. :D

Here is the booth of See the Green Campaign,

Daejayon, Korean Energy Agency and Spacecroft conducted the campaign,

utilizing visual art.

DUCKOO, a duck character holding a plug, explains

how to save the energy!

The easiest way

to save the Earth

and energy,

to pull out an unused plug.

Seeing the explanation of the panels,

the students solved the quiz that Daejayon teacher gave.

The students solved the quiz interestingly. :)

The students who gave the correct answer received a cute Jayonee book marker. :)

Please recall Daejayon whenever you see it :D

After learning the climate problems,

the students wrote down a message of hope to climate refugee!

A number of messages were written during less than 30 minutes!

Daemyeong Middle School students have a warm heart

There are many ways to slow down the climate problems in daily life,

such as

not to use disposable products,

to use one-sided paper,

and to use natural and eco-friendly ingredients

So we prepared the corner to make

eco pouch,

one-sided paper notebook,

and eco lip balm!

How to make eco pouch?

Draw a cute picture on a plain pouch,

referring to sample designs.

Then, put a newspaper on the pouch and iron it!

How about one-sided paper notebook?

Pierce holes in one-sided paper and a cover with Jayonee character,

and bind them together!

How about eco lip balm?

Melt down various natural ingredients and cool it down.

How popular! :D

We also attached a pretty sticker~ :D

Also we handed out a delicious cotton candy

to those who finished the missions of all booths!

All things went well with help of Little Daejayon :)

There was also exhibition of Little Daejayon's Green School activity!

Although it was short, it was a meaningful time for us,

as we could notify environmental information to non-Little Daejayon students!

We were so moved by the active participation of the students. T.T

Thanks to all those who took part in the festival.

Thank you very much!

See you next time!

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