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Tuesday October 26th, 2021


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12 Month's Plastic Free Campus Academy Reple 2

  • Location | Seoul Energy Dream Center
  • Date | 2019.04.07
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2019 April 7th,

12 Month's Plastic Free Campus Academy was proceeded at Seoul Energy Dream Center.

This campaign will proceed with Seoul City and 10 university clubs.

Students are gathering one by one.

This day, about 100 students gathered

and Plastic Free Campus were progressed!

At first, DAEJAYON presented DAEJAYON Report that

enlightens the seriousness of climate change,

and a presentation on Planet Plastic to inform the dangerousness of plastic.

Every student listened carefully and learned about plastic.

We are looking forward to the eco planet that students will make together. :)

Warm spring day came to Energy Dream Center, so we had lunch outdoor.

We desire the revitalize of environmental club's network.

Students are listening to the campaign introduction.

We can feel their strong will to reduce plastic usage of their universities.

We took away the trashes for material of snack back pouches.

Also, on this day we proceeded result report of awareness investigation.

From April 1st to 6th, each environmental club

did investigation of plastic awareness and usage and today was the presentation day.

Each team made plans for the plastic free activity that they will carry out in 2019,

and also proceeded Idea Zone conference.

As the eco experience, we did making snack bag pouches and apple shaped piggie banks.

Through the recycling of colorful plastic,

we had an easy and exciting environment education.

With the academy certificate!

12 Month's Plastic Free Campus Academy with University Clubs!

Take many interest to the powerful footsteps of students

who consider the environment and walk together with them!

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