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Friday March 7th, 2021


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Environmental Seminar with University of Indonesia

  • Location | University of Indonesia in Jakarta
  • Date | 2009.07.30
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Overseas Green Culture Experience Group's Visitation in Indonesia!

We visited University of Indonesia (in Indonesian: Universitas Indonesia). 

There are 40-thousand students and 3-thousand faculty members,

and it is the prestigious university, which ranks 395th among the world universities

(according to THES World University Rankings of 2007).

In the International Office of the main building,

we explained the intent of Daejayon Report, 

showing a letter of recommendation issued by Seoul.

Although we hoped to help Indonesia,

where there are a lot of serious environmental problems and disasters so that they are interested in global warming,

they said it was hard to accept it at that day as it was during vacation.

However, we could meet the president of university, Gumilar Rusliwa Somantri, by chance.

Saying that he would visit South Korea to attend to regular meeting of IUCN held at Seoul National University,

he directed the office to grant all our request and to gather students.

Thanks to the help of the president,

we could gather local students and use president conference room for Daejayon Report presentation. 

18 local university students attended to Daejayon Report.

The seminar was presided in Indonesian and the report was presented in English.

Some Indonesians couldn't understand our American pronunciation as they learn British English.

Fortunately, there were a few English majors who could understand American pronunciation

so that we could communicate well.

Daejayon explained global warming.

And among the local students,

some showed a great interest about it,

saying they had been already researching on it.

The students said that they've already felt the seriousness of the disaster,

while seeing 500 Indonesian islands were sinking due to sea-level rise.

So they wanted to interact with Daejayon, who will stretch to the whole world,

and asked information sharing about specific activities and solution for disaster.

After exchanging e-mail address with the students and taking a photo,

we tried contact with the president who would visit South Korea the following month.

At the moment, the chief secretary passed by us,

and he promised us to give us contact when the president would visit South Korea.

Then we exchanged e-mail address and took a photo together.

He also said that even though there were already a few active environmental clubs in University of Indonesia,

he and students would support those who want to make a new club, as the club system was not set up yet.

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