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Tuesday November 24th, 2020


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Environmental Seminar at University of Southwest

  • Location | University of Southwest
  • Date | 2009.07.23
  • View | 1939

An environmental seminar was held at University of Southwest!

It was to gather university students who would do environmental movement together

and to make them push it into practice

through Daejayon Report.

The Earth's temperature rose 0.74 degree.

Although it doesn't reach 1,

the environmental disasters which were caused by it killed more people than the 1st World War.

We should not look on it!!

It is refreshing to see university students shocked by the news that US had left Kyoto Protocol.

Even though we are different in our appearance and language,

we will live on the Earth together!

We promised to endeavor for the environment

with power and passion of young university students.

Until when all the university students participate together,

let's cheer up!!

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