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Saturday December 10th, 2022


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[South Africa] D.F. Malan High School-Daejayon Signed a Green School MOU date. 2013.08.06 view. 2,756


February 2012, Daejayon visited to D.F. Malan High School  

located in Cape Town, the Republic of South Africa.
During this visit,  

Deajayon had a meeting about the Green School Program with the principal of this high school.
Actually, Daejayon have conducted various program for making Green School with a lot of high schools in Korea.
So, Daejayon visited to D.F. Malan High School in order to talk about news on environment with students who are to be environmental leaders and encourage them to conduct activity fit into South Africa so that we can apply the Green School program to overseas countries. 



The principal showed a lot of interest in activity of Daejayon. It was because that through Green School program, many students can not only learn knowledge about environment but they can also get ready to be global environmental leaders.
So Daejayon signed an agreement on Green School with D.F. Malan high school.
Based on this agreement, Green School program is going to be conducted in D.F. Malan high school.



We hope environmental class by university students to be conducted soon in the Republic of South Africa.
And through this class, we hope also there will be a lot of environmental leaders who can solve environmental problem, not only in the Republic of South Africa but also whole world.

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