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Saturday December 10th, 2022


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DAEJAYON signs MOU with Museum DAH: date. 2020.06.26 view. 506

DAEJAYON and Museum DAH: signed an MOU to raise environmental awareness of citizens and to spread environmental education.

Museum DAH:, the world's first LED media gallery in Busan, holds an exhibition "Sustainable Future(working title)" on September, 2020, giving a question "what is the true and unchanging value that makes our life better?"

Through the 200 works of art, including video, installation, design, photography, painting, sculpture and sound, made by various artists such as col.l.age+ SHO JANG & MIN KIM, Alessandro Mendini, Karim Rashid, Yichul Shin, you will ask yourself how we should live from now to make our future bright and sustainable.  

DAEJAYON will reach out to more citizens through environmental education program held at the exhibit "Sustainable Future(working title)" at Museum DAH:.

There will be various environmental experiences and lectures according to age, such as eco-design and biodiversity, etc. Also, a special campaign will be ready on environmental anniversaries, so we ask for your attention and participation.

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