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Wednesday March 18th, 2022


Porducing Little Daejayon Green School Home

Green School Environmental Education at Songrye Middle School for "Free Semester System"

  • Location | Songrye Middle School
  • Date | 2021.11.16
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We conducted Green School environmental education 

with Songrye Middle School students for the free semester system.

First, the theoretical education was held

under the theme of "Coral Reef, Treasure Under The Sea."

Coral reefs are apartments for marine life, it is a home to more than 25% of all marine life.

Also, it absorbs more carbon dioxide and releases more oxygen than tropical rain forests.

So, it is not much to say that that it is the lung of the earth.

However, do you know that these coral reefs are endangered animals

that are disappearing due to global heating?

Coral reefs disappear due to various reasons

such as water temperature rise, ocean acidification, pollutant,

loss of habitat and people's indiscriminate collection.

As a result, the density of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere increase by 30 times,

making an environment where humans can't survive.

So, in the second class,

we made "Scandia-moss Frame" with Songrye Middle School Little DAEJAYON students

to remember coral reefs that are disappearing and to prevent the extinction.


Scandia-moss is naturally dyed in a pretty color, 

it can be an interior for the house and acts as a natural hygrometer.

Songrye Middle School students who are designing and working hard on their frames!

Lets see how creative they are!


It's unique and cool frames, right?

Everyone made it creative and beautifully :)


Lowering the global temperature which is the most important thing to protect coral reefs!

Please join us, like Songrye Middle School students, for a sustainable future!

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