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Wednesday June 3rd, 2020


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Boin High School Little Daejayon Environmental Education Climate Change and New Social Contract_The Climate Change Contract I make

  • Location | Boin High School
  • Date | 2018.11.02
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Today we had an environmental class in Boin High School with the subject,

Climate Change and New Social Contract!

It is rather a difficult subject than other classes

but the students of Boin High School followed the class very well :)

The countries that realized the seriousness of environmental problems,

made many agreements and contracts

to slow down climate change.

But to protect the country's benefits many countries brea the agreements.

Today, students of Boin High School made

their own environmental agreements

that they can keep!

The agreements are all contents that we can actually keep!

From reducing water to reducing energy!

The students made new social agreements

with their bright ideas that we can practice in daily bases!

Hope you all keep the agreements that you made in your daily life! :)

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