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Thursday June 4th, 2020


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Seonggok middle school Little DAEJAYON Environment Education Climate War_making Charcoal soap Reple 2

  • Location | Seonggok middle school
  • Date | 2018.12.07
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Today we have environmental class at Seonggok Middle School!

We will find out the efficacy of charcoal soap and make charcoal soap.

Transparent soap base, jojoba oil, bamboo charcoal powder Peppermint aroma oil!

 These are the materials we need to make eco-friendly charcoal soap.

Students follow hard according to the explanation of the activist teacher!

Put the soap base and various additives in the desired mold and then it is over!

While the contents were hard on the mold, we conducted classes on the theme of climate war.

Can you believe that the fact that climate change causes war all over the world?

Global climate change can lead to the global conflict of individual countries, societies.

Survival competition to survive in a changed environment is being expressed 

through violence, and humans are helpless to respond to these changes.

The weather is no longer a matter of natural science.

Because it's a political, social, and cultural issue.

Climate change is a combination of class, religious beliefs, and resource issues.

We found out that they were threatening human coexistence!

Charcoal soap is done during class!

Seonggok Middle School Friends can remove sebum by charcoal soap

Keep out pretty face together^^

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