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Thursday June 4th, 2020


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Boin High School Little Daejayon Environmental Education_Before the flood_Writing Movie Report Reple 3

  • Location | Boin High School
  • Date | 2018.12.07
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Today is the last day of the Green School in Boin high school.

We will watch a movie and write down a movie report.

Movie 'Before the Flood' is directed by

Fisher Stevens, the Winner of Academy Award for Best Director, 

and Leonardo Dicaprio who was the winner of Academy Award for Best Actor,

environmental activist, and UN Messengers of Peace Ambassador.

It was a documentary demonstrating climate change that the world is facing 

and each countries' various activities to handle it.

It can be considered that have all contents studied in the last one semester is in the movie.

I wonder what the students' felt after watching the movie.

After writing the report, they received a certificate of DAEJAYON Green School.

We are very proud of Boin high school students

who participated in Green School environmental classes diligently!

All students wrote the report very well, but we selected the first and the second!

The prize is nowadays hot item! Bamboo straw. :)

Have you ever heard about bamboo straw?

Bamboo is the most fast growing, eco-friendly and 100% biodegradable plant.

Bamboo straw is made by dried bamboo,

so it doesn't have any smell or taste like stainless or paper.

Most of all, It can be reused!


Second prize is also an eco product, Real Milk Pouch!

For one semester, Boin high school's little Daejaon students were together with DAEJAYON, 

and Boin high school's teacher Kim Jung-han, who give unstinted support and interest!

   DAEJAYON supports your passion for the environment.

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