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Thursday June 4th, 2020


Porducing Little Daejayon Green School Home

Seonggok Middle School Little Daejayon Environmental Education The Climate Change and New Social Contracts_The Climate Change Contract I make Reple 2

  • Location | Seonggok Middle School
  • Date | 2018.11.23
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성곡중학교 리틀대자연 환경교육 기후변화와 신사회계약_내가 만드는 기후변화 협약

13.Climate Action

16.Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions


Seonggok Middle School's Green School environmental class is return!

Today, We will study with the subject

Because nature, human, society are interlace in it,

Climate change have complex characteristic.

So we also need integrated thinking ability.

For solving the problem of climate change,

Each countries made various contracts!

However, the problem is that many of the contracts are not abided.

So today!

We made the New social Contract ourselves that will must keep together.

We made four teams.

What contracts were made?

One team who made most creative and actionable contracts

will get delicious snacks.

After team discussion,

We proceeded presentation by team!

We can not choose only one team,

So we share the snacks altogether!

We hope that every Seonggok Middle School's students will keep

the New Social Contracts for environment that we made together^^

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