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Monday July 6th, 2020


Porducing Little Daejayon Green School Home

[Little Daejayon] Went on Field Trip to Study Biodiversity and Endangered Species

  • Location | Seoul Grandpark Zoo
  • Date | 2012.04.15
  • View | 3090


April 15th 2012, 1st Little Daejayon visited to Seoul Grandpark.
Watching a lot of animals, we can learn about biodiversity and endangered animals and feel the need to protect them. 



To whom are they greeting?



It was giraffe!



They are meerkat, a small mammal belonging to the mongoose family.
Actually, they are endangered, so they need our care.



They have long and interesting neck. And their legs are also so long, thin and beautiful.



In a section of anthropoid, we could see monkeys.






Let's preserve environment for endangered species!

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