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Monday July 6th, 2020


Porducing Little Daejayon Green School Home

[Little Daejayon] Prepared Standby Power Zero Korea, Water’s Friends Campaign

  • Location | Daejayon Headquarters
  • Date | 2012.05.06
  • View | 3091

In this time, Little Daejayon gets opportunity to run a booth for helping Climate Refugees with Daejayon University Student environmentalists. 

We have to plan accurately to run campaign well, so we prepared a campaign in this class.



We will have two booths.
The one is “Standby Power Zero Korea” and the other is “Water’s Friends.”

At first, we explained about running “Standby Power Zero Korea” booth.



Here are Daejayon teachers who will run “Standby Power Zero Korea” booth together.



And she explained how to run a “Water’s Friends” campaign booth.



They look so excited, aren’t they?



The little Dajayon member is learning how to explain a campaign panel.




Campaign booth in May, 13th will be so amazing! Go, Little Daejayon!

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