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Friday March 31th, 2023


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Inchang Middle School Little DAEJAYON Green Festival

  • Location | Inchang Middle School
  • Date | 2017.10.27
  • View | 973

We've visited Inchang Middle School after a week!

What? Class was over last week!

What brought us here? lol

'Cause today is the Green Festival Day of Inchang Middle School!


Let's look into that exciting very moment!

Let's Go!






During today's Green Festival, 

Inchang Little DAEJAYON students presented their works 

and shared their activities with classmates 

and had time to think about the environment.





Finding extinct animals in time!!

"Find Extinct Animals!"




With a dice and cards, 

"Building a Energy Plus Village"







Protect the Earth!

"Breathtaking Earth Jenga"







Necessary coral reef!

Do you know that this coral reef is in danger of extinction?

"Leave a Cheerful Words for coral reef!"




There were more activities 

like "Making Up-Cycling coaster & Up-Cycling Bookmarks!".




And "Making Backing notes" with mascot JAYON drawn on it.

We did all these activities! :)




Lots and lots of Inchang Middle School students participated. >_<





They look so excited, aren't they?



Little DAEJAYON students had only theoretical lesson 

for several days.

But today, they explained the environmental issues 

and had activities by themselves.

They were like real environmental leaders! *^^*






"Wonderful Little DAEJAYON Students"



Let's look around and feel the very air of that day!!












(We need you, coral reef.)




Can you feel the hot air of this moment? lol








There's a well-done item. :)




An environment teacher and Little DAEJAYON students 

and Inchang Middle School students, all had exciting and useful time!










Inchang Middle School Green Festival 

with DAEJAYON was completed successfully!! ^^


What do you think?

Little DAEJAYON students and Inchang Middle School students who learn environment, 

share environment and concern about environment. :)


We hope today's activity have slackened Global Warming.


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