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Thursday June 4th, 2020


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Visiting Fatema Pre Cadet College Reple 4

  • Location | Fatema Pre Cadet College
  • Date | 2019.02.15
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2019 February, Daejayon and Nature Plus visiting Bangladesh during 2 weeks

for the project "Happiness for Climate Refugees"

Today, Daejayon and Nature Plus visited Pre Cadet College!

At the front door, college's students welcomed

Daejayon and Nature Plus with the flowers.

Thanks to the hospitality, they were so shy^^

After convey the souvenir to president of the college

Daejayon and Nature Plus enjoyed the performance of students

For the Fatema Pre Cadet College who showed us hospitality,

Daejayon and Nature Plus visited Fatema Pre Cadet College after 4days, on 19th.

Daejayon and Nature Plus prepared the Korea Green Festival.

On Korea Green Festival, Not only the president and teachers of college,

but also Dhaka City College's President

and local NGO Dhakabashi's President participated.

Students were looking forward Nature Plus' performances.

Even the schedules were very busy,

Daejayon and Nature Plus prepared

Song, dance, and Hanbok performance!

We also took commemorative photographs:)

Everyone, who prepared and watched were enjoy the Korea Green Festival!

Let's meet again soon~

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