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Monday July 6th, 2020

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[KOR] Shingu College Nature Plus "Green Shop Eco-Experience"

  • Location | Shingu College Green Shop
  • Date | 2019.04.12
  • View | 361



Hi~. This is Shingu College environmental club, Nature Plus!
We proceeded an eco-experience promotion at the green shop 
to make people get interest in the environment and up-cycling.

This eco-experience consists of making one! snack pouch, two! a solid air freshener.

During the eco-experience activity, the smile was on every participant.
That made us so proud.

We were thankful for the participation of lots of people and they were having fun.
There were some people who never knew the existence of the green shop 
but they are going to use it from now on!
It was a good time that we shared our ideas on the environment. :)

An elder passing by came in and participated too.
We were happy to announce her about the seriousness of the environment 
and the donation though the green shop.

After the fabrication of a solid air freshener, making a snack pouch followed by.

We hope to communicate with many people and 
keep this nature plus eco-experience activity that more people 
come to know the seriousness of the environment!

One shot with the snack pouch!

We will do our best to protect the environment!
Count on the activities of Shingu College Nature Plus club~~.

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