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Wednesday September 23th, 2020

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[KOR] Shingu College Nature Plus "We've been to Up-cycling Exhibition!"

  • Location | Suwon AK Gallery
  • Date | 2019.03.29
  • View | 529




Hi~! It's Shingu College Nature Plus!
This time, we've been to RE-BORN Up-cycling Exhibition held 
at the gallery located in Suwon AK~.

The beautiful flowers at the entrance are made from abandoned banners.
The flowers were so pretty that we didn't even notice that they are recycles.
Also 'RE' and arrows are made of the plywood. Isn't it wonderful?

These sculptures made of Styrofoam are so beautiful that people are even taking pictures.
In fact, we didn't expect the up-cycle exhibits to be pretty. 
So we realized that even the recycles can be harmonious and beautiful.

Isn't the milky pouch made with milk cartons so pretty? 
People will pay for it!

According to the purpose of the exhibition, 
we could see that the recycles that had been thrown out 
have become a whole new product beyond recycling!

RE-BORN Exhibition was so informative that it made our will for recycling on fire.
In the future, we hope this kind of up-cycling exhibition become more and more popular 
that lots of people get interested in up-cycling.

We, Nature Plus will try our best for the up-cycling too!
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