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Sunday July 5th, 2020

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[KOR] Star was "Visiting Hongneung Arboretum"

  • Location | Hongneung Arboretum
  • Date | 2019.04.07
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Hi! We are Star was!

We've been thinking about what we can do to reduce fine dust!
Through our high school classes, we knew that trees played a big role in air purification, 
but we went to Hongneung Arboretum under the Korea Forest Research Institute today 
to learn how to clean up fine dust and how much it works.

As we toured the arboretum, we found that the trees of the coniferous family 
and 'Crassulaceae' were good for the reduction of fine dust, 
as well as the 'vines plants', 'Koelreuteria paniculata', 'Berberis koreana', 
'Quercus acutissima', and  'Prunus × yedoensis' in the arboretum.

And we contacted Dr. Park Chan-yeol of the Korea Forest Research Institute 
to find out how trees can reduce fine dust and how effective it is. 

He said the 'phytoncide' emitted by coniferous trees 
plays a major role in reducing fine dust, and other trees also help 
to keep fine dust under control through leaves and branches. 

And he also told us about the effect of this, 
saying that the concentration of fine dust outside the arboretum and inside the arboretum 
is about 10 to 20 micrograms per cubic meter, 
and that the tree is very effective in reducing fine dust!

And we also learned about medicinal plants that are good for 
healing our bodies, which are damaged by fine dust. 

We looked at various medicinal plants that are good for fine dust, 
such as 'hrysanthemum zawadskii subsp. latilobum (Maxim.) Kitag.' that are good for the skin, 
'Mentha canadensis', and 'Oxalis corniculata' that can purify the heavy metal-stacked body.

Through this visit to the arboretum, we were able to think again 
about how important trees are to reduce fine dust. 

If we could save paper, build forests in the city center, or try to increase the number of trees, 
we would have been able to breathe cleaner air than we do now, 
and at the same time, we could make a commitment to give cleaner air to our descendants.:)

It was a good time to think more deeply about 
how college students can reduce fine dust and make sure to implement it.

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