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Tuesday November 24th, 2020


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[New Zealand] Environmental seminar at the University of Canterbury

  • Location | University of Canterbury, New Zealand
  • Date | 2009.07.22
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Environmental seminar at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand

Where there is fresh air & clean water!!

It is the Christchurch New Zealand!! 
But did you know that the ozone layer is almost totally destroyed?

DAEJAYON has been to peaceful Christchurch! 


After meeting with the representatives from the Council of Environment 

and a professor from the University of Canterbury

we realized that Christchurch is very interested in being environmentally friendly.

In Christchurch City and University, many people were trying to keep the environment clean!
Isn't that wonderful? :)

First, we showed them an introduction video of DAEJAYON, 

and they were very sympathetic to our activities. ^^

The next week, 

when we went back to the Canterbury University, 

officials gave us a place for the presentation 

and even gathered up students to listen to the presentation. 

They also gave us a chance 

to explain the DAEJAYON report 

and the DAEJAYON promotional video once again.

We introduced DAEJAYON 

who are promoting environmental issues to the whole world 

and taking the lead in protecting the environment

not only here in Canterbury but also in the world cities even in this very moment. 

The students were very sympathetic 

to the DAEJAYON activity.

Maybe the environmental issues 

that we're talking about were so important to them. 

It was a great time to discuss and share the ideas with them.

We even could feel how important the things that we are doing is 

and the things that are to be done. *^^*

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