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Monday July 6th, 2020


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2nd 2018 Youth Model Summit Reple 2

  • Location | Olympic Parktel
  • Date | 2018.07.25
  • View | 1073
2018 Youth Model Summit has been held!
We gathered and were excited more and more since it was the second round.

As a representative of each country, we held summit meetings on biodiversity issues.
As a topic that may be unfamiliar, a variety of education was also organized.

First, We gathered up ideas for each team and introduced each team name and slogan.
Thanks to the team who made various attempts (?), It became laughter as well: D

We delivered the goods to the team that won the bingo game with excellent solidarity

and the team that showed us some fresh ideas in the team building.

Environmental recreation was organized with environmental quiz,

green golden bell, environment board game,
Not only fun but educational effect, the atmosphere has survived!

Training sessions for Summit were held in earnest.

Following the presentation of the 1st Summit Excellent Team

 and the lecture by the Vice President of the IUCN Korean Committee,
We had a great time to feel the seriousness of the biodiversity problem

and to share various opinions about it.

We prepared to make a milky pouch on the morning of the 2nd day.
It's a moment the milk pack turns into pretty pouch :)

In addition to this, we created our own notebooks, bookmarks, and more.
We experienced up-cycling which abandoned garbage gets new value.

Then, we heard about some cases of green seminar that Daejayon conducted with college clubs.
The preparations for the summit became more robust

with the announcement of the outstanding clubs that prepared for biodiversity.

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