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Tuesday November 24th, 2020


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Gachon University Environmental Club 'Green Blossom'_Setting One-sided Paper Box

  • Location | Gachon University
  • Date | 2014.09.03
  • View | 1941

A+ Green Campus Project with Gachon Students!

Gachon University environmental club 'Green Blossom' set one-sided paper box in campus!

There are lots of one-sided sheets in campus.

Especially at copy shops!

Green Blossom set one-sided paper box at a copy shop.

Besides, students can receive 50 won discount per a sheet, when they use one-sided paper!

Thanks to the environmentally conscious owner of the copy shop :D

It is the one-sided paper box we prepared!!

It is so lovely =]

Where there is one-sided paper, there is one-sided paper box!!

Setting the box to here and there at campus~

bringing the gathered paper,

making the paper into a notebook,

and distributing it to students! :D

Gachon students! Let's endeavor to get A+ for Green Campus ;D

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