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Friday October 23th, 2020


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[Peru] Establishing IGCAUS [International Green Campus Association of University Students] Reple 1

  • Location | Olivos University in Lima
  • Date | 2012.07.22
  • View | 2823

July 22nd 2012, About 200 university students gathered for Peruvian IGCAUS inauguration ceremony.
Daejayon branch in Peru was started from Olivos University in Lima, the capital of Peru.
Many people participated in the ceremony. There also lots of professors attended.
Not only professors but also ward chiefs of Olivos and other districts, and members of the National Assembly participated in the ceremony. It seemed to be more worthy ceremony.

He is the chief of Olivos.

This inaugural ceremony consisted of “Daejayon Report” and a case presentation about Green Campus activity. After that, Daejayon explained how to work Green Campus activity.

It was the place where many students could feel the importance of environmental activities together!
Moreover, it was a time to feel many interests and supports of many officials including the chief of Olivos.

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