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Saturday December 10th, 2022


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[South Africa]LAERSKOOL-BELVILLE-NOORD Elementary School-Daejayon Signed a Green School MOU date. 2013.07.26 view. 2,480


There are beautiful natural landscapes all over with warm sunlight here.
Here is….
The Republic of South Africa! 


Daejayon visited South Africa and did various Green School and Green Campus activities during last January and February, 2012.
Especially concerning with Green School, we signed a Green School MOU with two schools.
One of them is LAERSKOOL-BELVILLE-NOORD Elementary School.
We held a seminar and meeting on Green School programs of Daejayon. And the principal hoped that these activities of Daejayon would proceed at the school.
Basing on this, Daejayon and LAERSKOOL-BELVILLE-NOORD Elementary School signed the MOU.



Principal expected for students to learn more about the environment through this MOU. And he said the Daejayon’s activity is wonderful because university students carry out.
Daejayon gave eco-friendly soap and air-freshener.



We expect that how Green School activities with youngsters will change the environment of South Africa.
And we hope Daejayon and LAERSKOOL-BELVILLE-NOORD Elementary School will have vigorous interchange and establishment of Green School!

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