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Tuesday March 26th, 2020

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ICLEI supporters team3_SUSTAINABLE CITIES_1st,2nd Campaign

  • Location | Sangmyung University
  • Date | 2015.02.23
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ICLEI Supporters 3 team_SUSTAINABLE CITIES_1st, 2nd Campaign

Campaign Topic : Use a Mug

ICLEI Student Supporters of Sangmyung University had proceeded the campaign 

out of the campus

during the period of 1st campaign which is from Feb. 23 to 27, 

and on campus during the period of 2nd campaign which is from Mar 9 to 11 

for the promotion of ICLEI World Assembly 

that was held on early April.

The campaign was proceeded in 2 ways, 

'Poster Campaign' & 'Green High-five'.

During Poster Campaign, the posters with the topic of 'Using a Mug' were set up 

at the cafe where there are lots of people 

and where people can use their own mug.

The Green High-five is a campaign that explains what the 2015 ICLEI is 

and makes a promise with the citizens 

to preserve the environment together by making a 'high-five'!

On 23rd, the first day of the 1st campaign, we looked for the cafe around 

the Sangmyung Univ. to set up posters 

with the explanation of what the ICLEI Assembly is.

We tried more than 10 cafes and in 6 of them, the ICLEI posters were posted splendidly.

On Feb. 25th Wed, we proceeded campaign quite a long time.

First, we set up posters around the cafe starting 

from 'Jongno 3 ga' to 'Gwanghwamun' & 'Kyeongbokgung'.

And then, we had time to consider about the protection of the environment once more 

with many students and office workers 

by making a 'high-five' 

along the 'Jonggak Young Street' & the park nearby the US Embassy.

 On Feb. 26 Launching Ceremony of 2nd Seoul Green Campus University Student Ambassador was held at Seoul City Hall.

We, the ICLEI Supporters who participated in the ceremony have posted 

the promotional posters 

around the event hall to promote the ICLEI Assembly to citizens.

  On Feb. 27, we proceeded The Green High-five Campaign 

with the citizens passing by the Sinchon street.

It was a chance to explain what ICLEI is even to the foreigners for the first time.

Though we explained it in a short English, 

it was so proud to announce the ICLEI held in Seoul even to the foreigners.

After 2 hours of 'High-five' Campaign, we posted the promotion posters in the cafe.

1st Campaign was completed on this day.

Starting a new semester, for a week on March, we proceeded recruitment 

for the new member of university club.

We explained what the 2015 ICLEI World Climate Environment Assembly is 

to the Sangmyung Univ. Students at Palette club booth 

in front of the main library where there are lots of people passing by.

Since the university students were very interested in the activities, 

lots of them showed great interest in the Assembly.

There was a student who even showed his will to participate in the assembly 

though the web site!


On Mar. 11, the last day of the campaign, we had promotion 

at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza(DDP) 

where ICLEI World Climate Assembly was held.

Thanks to the great interest of citizens including foreigners visiting the DDP, 

we could successfully complete the campaign!!

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