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Tuesday March 26th, 2020

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The 12th Day of Energy with Shin-gu University Nature+ and Kyunghee University Hannuri Reple 1

  • Location | Seoul Square
  • Date | 2015.08.20
  • View | 610

The 12th Day of Energy

Daejayon, Nature+ of Shin-gu University, Hannuri of Kyunghee University


We opened the booths for the Day of Energy

at the Seoul Square (in front of Seoul City Hall) on August 20.

Although we worried due to raining,

many citizens showed interest to our activities to help and notice the climate refugee.

Daejayon, Nature+ of Shin-gu University and Hannuri of Kyunghee University

prepared the booths to save energy.

At first,

in order to notice the seriousness of the climate refugee,

we explained it passionately and enthusiastically

with prepared panels.

Then, the natural febreze making event followed.

It was popular to many citizens :)

Beside Daejayon,

Nature+ opened the eco-handkerchief making booth.

Many citizens participated to this, too!! :D

The kids were drawing zealously =]

It is very easy to make the eco-handkerchief!

You only need to draw a picture with pastels on a handkerchief,

and iron it so that the picture can be dyed to the handekerchief.

We can lower the Earth's temperature

and help the climate refugee,

by using a handkerchief!

Isn't it very easy and good way?? :D

Thus, many citizens did participate to it XD

And outside the booth,

people listened to the explanation about the climate change and global warming.

There were quite many people who didn't know the climate refugee well.

How can we ignore them,

who are suffering CO2 emitted by us? :(


We hope that all people realize the suffering climate refugee and the serious problem of climate change!

Then, let's look in to making natural febreze,

another way to help the climate refugee?

To make chemicals, factories emit CO2, which is the main cause of global warming!

Thus, we made febreze with natural ingredients,

without the chemicals! :D

Everybody was concentrating on it :)

The kids were holding the natural febreze they made by themselves =]

They are the future environmental leaders XD

Also, let's see the handkerchief of Nature+!

Wow~ so pretty :D

All did a great job!

It was so happy that many citizens participated to energy saving :)

'Turn off the lights, and turn on stars.'

The campaign of the Day of Energy ended successfully with many people's participation!

We hope that all citizens continuously practice for energy saving :)

Thanks to all who were together! :D

Cheer up, nature!

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