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Saturday September 23th, 2023


Porducing Little Daejayon Green School Home

Little DAEJAYON Environmental Education in Hansan Elementary School: Let's Protect Biodiversity (Marine and Terrestrial Ecosystem)

  • Location | Hansan Elementary School
  • Date | 2021.06.07
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Today, we met Hansan Elementary Class 6 in 4th Grade.

For three weeks on June 7th,14th and 21st,

we conducted a class under the theme "Let's Protect Biodiversity."

"Little DAEJAYON Report"

"Paper's Betrayal: Disappearing Forest"

"Coral Reef, Treasure Under the Sea"

Through the "Little DAEJAYON Report,"

students learned that the actions that we did for our convenience

is eventually accelerating global heating,

creating climate disasters and destroying the eco-system. 

Through "Paper's Betrayal: Disappearing Forest,"

students learned about the severe deforestation caused by the paper that we used indiscreetly

and found ways to protect the forest.

Through "Coral Reef, Treasure Under the Sea,"

students learned why coral reefs, also known as an another lung of the Earth, are needed

and learned about the reality of coral reefs that are decreasing due to water temperature rising

and ways to prevent the extinction of coral reefs. 

Little DAEJAYON students of Hansan Elementary School asked many questions

and responded well because the were specially interested in the environment!

Everyone concentrated and actively participated in all classes.

Experiential activity was followed by the theory class!

The activities are "Endangered Animal Bingo Game," "Upcycling Eco Class"

and "Bungeoppang Soap Making" (Bungeoppang is a fish-shaped bun).

Doesn't it sound funny just hearing the names? :)

Did you know 100 to 200 species of living creatures are disappearing a day

due to the global heating?

We played the "Endangered Animal Bingo Game"

to take interest and protect endangered animals that we didn't know well, until now.

Little DAEJAYON students, who were interested in endangered animals,

joyfully participated in the game, made 5 bingos and received JAYONIE phone hand holder!

Through the "Upcycling Eco Class"  students made paper upcycling product!

Upcycling is a compound word of upgrade and recycling,

which means to recreate a product with an increased value

by adding design or utilization to recycling products.

By recycling indiscreetly used paper, we can prevent deforestation.

Today, we made scrap paper note and waste-leaflet bookmark!

The Little DAEJAYON students, made upcycling products with their own designs!

Isn't it so pretty?

Next activity is "Bungeoppang Soap Making"!

(Bungeoppang is a fish-shaped bun)

Normally, a soap contains chemicals such as coagulants, preservative,

surfactants, artificial pigment and etc.

If these substances flow into the ocean, it makes it difficult for marine life to survive

and may cause allergies or skin problem to humans.

But the natural soap made with Little DAEJAYON students

contains natural ingredients instead of chemicals!

Also, natural moisturizer "glycerin" is added

to protect the environment and skin at the same time!

 Through the DIY "Bungeoppang Soap Making,"

we made cute Bungeoppang-shaped natural soap that can protect the environment.

We hope that the 4th grade students of Hansan Elementary School

will practice environmental conservation activity in their daily life as Little DAEJAYON

and grow into the protagonist who will lead the future generation!

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