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Tuesday February 19th, 2019


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[Seokchon Middle School] Environmental Class Daejayon Report_Recycling Reusable Paper Reple 1

  • Location | Seokchon Middle School
  • Date | 2018.04.09
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Daejayon, with the connection of Songpa-gu Community service Center

carried out Do-Dream School Education Program.

Today we had an environmental class

with the first school of Do-Dream School Education Program,

Seokchon middle school third graders.

First, with Daejayon's leaflet, let's get to know about Inernational NGO Daejayon.

'How do/does middle schoolers like me do environmental voluntary work?'

With the subject environment and voluntary service,

we shared about the environmental voluntary work of Little Daejayon!

Also we had time to watch Daejayon Report 4, university environmentalist of Daejayon made.

Through Daejayon Report 4 ,

Global Warming is a serious problem that we can't restore

even if we make the worlds COemission to zero.

We took time to share what Seokchon Little Daejayon students felt about the environment.

It was time to think about the ways to take action for our planet, Earth.

For experience activity, Recycling Reusable Paper Campaign!

Learn about the ways to recycle reusable paper and time for making it.

Why should we recycle reusable papers?

Forests disappearing by Papers

have you heard about it?

A person can be self-sufficient

when one person plants 3 trees per year and the trees well grow  for 30 years.

Also in the process of making paper chemicals are used.

The chemicals cause neuropathy, developmental disability and even fertility disorder.

When we save 4 boxes of A4, we can save one tree.

To save one tree, we should practice recycling reusable paper right now!

You can make an upcycling bookmark with waste leaflet, magazines etc...!

They are making bookmarks out of waste leaflet :)

You can ask the teachers of Daejayon, how to fold for a prettier bookmark!

Also we made one more for the class, Reusable Paper note!

Fold the reusable papers and notecover with the character of Daejayon in half

put them together and staple in the middle

then it's fininshed!

Kindhearted of Seokchon Middle School, Little Daejayon studnets

practicing environmental movement for our beautiful Earth!

Seokchon Middle School third grade, class 1 Little Daejayon

Seokchon Middle School third grade, class 2 Little Daejayon

Seokchon Middle School third grade, class 3 Little Daejayon

Seokchon Middle School third grade, class 4 Little Daejayon

Seokchon Middle School third grade, class 5 Little Daejayon

Seokchon Middle School third grade, class 6 Little Daejayon

Don't forget the actions we learned today and promise to put it into action

See you :)


LittleDaejayon CheerUp!

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