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Wednesday February 1st, 2023


Porducing Little Daejayon Green School Home

Green School Environmental Education for Free Semester System: Environmental Justice in Climate Crisis

  • Location | Jamsil Middle School
  • Date | 2022.09.20
  • View | 164




Green School environmental education was conducted

for the 1 grade students at Jamsil Middle School.

Before starting the class, students watched a video related to the subject of the class

Climate change is now called as climate disaster.

We listened to the thoughts of the students after watching the video.

Through the True or False Quiz,

students had time to understand the concept of terms accurately.


The terms 'greenhouse effect,' 'global warming,' 'climate change' are use a lot these days.

Can these terms be used together with the same meaning?

Look at the students actively participating!

Greenhouse effect is an essential effect in the radiant energy system

between the Earth and the Sun,

it maintains the appropriate temperature of the Earth for creatures to live.

However, due to population growth and urban development,

the average temperature increases as the greenhouse gases increases.

We call this global warming.

If we take an example with honeybees,

the population already decreased by more than 40 percent,

and it is said that honybees may become extinct by 2035.

The extinction of small honeybees has a chain effect in the ecosystem

and is threatening the survival of humankind.

Students learned about the concept of environmental justice and social inequality,

made a group of four to discuss about climate vulnerable groups

and ways to achieve environmental justice.

Also, they learned about the Paris Climate Agreement and 48th Session of the IPCC,

learning how each country is responding to climate change.

Lastly, the students watched a video on what we can do and had time to think if it.

We hope the students of Jamsil Middle School will be able to actively respond to climate change!

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