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[Bangladesh] Environmental Education in Heed International School Reple 2

  • Location | Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Date | 2012.02.19
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2012 Winter Daejayon Overseas Environmental Delegation flied to Bangladesh for Green World, Green School, and Green Campus!



May 13th 2012, Daejayon visited Heed International School in Bangladesh.

Heed International School is elementary school and many students attended this school located in the center of Dhaka.



At the first visit, Daejayon introduced Daejayon and activity of Green School over 2 hours.

The principal was happy to receive the present, eco-soaps and air-freshers.

And she wanted to have Daejayon shirts, so she asked us to bring it next time.



After visiting, the principal suggested us to visit again and introduce Daejayon to her students.
So, 19th we visited Heed International School a second time.


On the day, we presented “Daejayon Report.”

Students and teachers listened carefully to every single part without missing.

After 30 minutes of “Daejayon Report” done...



students’ reactions were truly hot!

As you see, all of them raised their hands to ask about Green School.



We had a question and answer time and discussed environmental problems.

After giving an enthusiastic environmental education, Daejayon’s students’ hearts were moved and resolve to carry out activities more actively.

There are many global leaders waiting for us.


Daejayon met a president of the school and discussed Green School.

Through long discussion and conversation, Daejayon and Heed International School signed up the Green School agreement.

The president, teachers, and many students gave a applause and affection to Daejayon’s activities.

We hope that from Heed International School to many other school in Bangladesh join Green School!



We could make sure that our ultimate goal of activities, the earth, will recover its health, through meeting children who have pure minds and enthusiasm for environment.

Furthermore, our goal came into focus even more clearly!


Please, expect the global environmental leaders’ Green School activities that will be carried out in Bangladesh.

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