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[Indonesia] Environmental Education in Jakarta 12 Benhil Elementary School Reple 1

  • Location | Jakarta 12 Benhil Elementary School
  • Date | 2012.07.24
  • View | 2964


July 24th, 2012, here is Jakarta 12 Benhil Elementary School.
Do you see the children having shining eyes?
They are students who are going to take an education with members of Daejayon today. It’s  “Little Daejayon” in Indonesia.



Today’s class is introducing Daejayon’s Green School activities and making eco-handkerchief.

Actually, environmental programs in Indonesia which are similar to Daejayon’s Green School are well constructed.
Even though Indonesia already has many programs, it has interests in Daejayon’s Green School.
It’s because Daejayon Green School has so various and systematic environmental programs.
And also through this, many Little Daejayon’s green leaders has been produced.



They are Daejayon Green School teachers in Indonesia.



On the same day, giving wastebasket ceremony was also carried out.
Do you know why we presented wastebaskets?
Of course, there are also many wastebaskets and they are doing separate collection.

However, sometimes we secretly threw away trashs due to our laziness.
To protect these cases and to change our consciousness on environment one more time, we did this ceremony.

Many students participated in this education.
It’s not an end of education. It will be carried out every month in Indonesia.
Global Little Daejayon, isn’t it wonderful?



Crossed the border, our hearts loving our environment look same.

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