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Held Principals’ Meeting and Visited 10 Schools in Jakarta, Indonesia

  • Location | Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Date | 2012.07.17
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On July 17th, 2012, Daejayon visited Jakarta City Hall.
We were going to have a meeting with officers of Department of Education and principals.
The officers of Department of Education, principals of 10 schools and Daejayon -staffs and student members (Korean and Indonesian)- participated in the meeting together. 

There also has been Agus Suradica -the Head of Department of Judiciary of Borough Office-.

Firstly, Daejayon was introduced.
And then, 'Green School', 'Green Campus' and 'Green World', the representing activities of Daejayon, were explained.

Head of Department of Judiciary who fully understood Daejayon showed his expectation of the strong network between Indonesia and Daejayon for the better environment.



Many principals and the ones who concern with the Department of Education expressed great interest on the activities of Daejayon and the cooperation of each other in near future.



We carefully checked the details of networking. 

And while Daejayon was going to perform Green School, Green Campus, Green World and also Eco-League projects in this summer in Indonesia, we had time for consulting these plans.



We had numerous activities planned in short amount of time, so we are in the tight schedule.
This time’s visit to Indonesia was full of meaningful events.

The Ceremony of World 1st Youth Eco-League
Green School MOUs and Green School Education Activities between 4 schools in Jakarta Indonesia and Daejayon
Cleaning Rambut Island and Planting Mangroves Campaign
Meetings and Celebrating Establishment of Local Branch of Daejayon

It seemed so incredibly busy.
Daejayon expects and hopes that all the people -from the youth and young adults to the officers and citizens-in Indonesia become united for the environment.



And apart from the 4 schools which had signed MOUs with Daejayon in this summer, this time’s meeting was very much attended by the principals of future Green Schools of Daejayon.
With the cooperation and recommendation of City Hall, Daejayon was able to visit many schools which have great concerns on environment.



Daejayon is welcomed in everywhere.
Then let us check out the welcoming places.

With the recommendation of Jakarta City Hall, Daejayon visited all the schools listed below;

Benhil 1st and 2nd Elementary Schools
The 40th and 120th National Middle Schools
The 44th and 77th National High Schools
The 20th and 140th National Vocational High Schools


And Daejayon also had good chance to visit the schools that already have had many environment programs by Government. 

What exemplary students they are!!
Cheerful and bright students make us very cheerful and bright.




We had a good conversation together.
We toured the school and looked through various programs like recycling system, in-school gardening and many other environmental activities.


And Biopori was the most impressive system of all.
It’s the activity of building waterway under the surface to make soil preserve much water and oxygen.
It’s very effective on not only preventing drought and flood, but also decreasing greenhouse gases.
We were very grateful to see the school full of various environmental activities.



Truman Cyllitonga, English teacher of 42nd National High School showed her willingness as saying “I am going to actively cooperate with Daejayon, and I will make my school full of green and also the greenest one in the whole world.” 

And also in the meeting with the students of 42nd National High School, we had time for asking and questioning over the environmental policies of Korean Government and Daejayon. 

Indonesia, the country worthy of being expected more than ever before.
Let us all together Green School, Green Campus and Green World.

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