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“Water’s Friends” Campaign with Daejayon and Namgok Elementary School in Yongin

  • Location | Library of Namgok Elementary School
  • Date | 2012.07.24
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Daejayon ran into Yongin and carried out “Water’s Friends” campaign with special guests.
We visited Namgok Elementary School in Yongin with students of environmental club from Dongnam Health College.
Daejayon, “Nature+” from Shingu University and Dongnam Health College had a joint activity that day. So it was very amusing day. 



We prepared the time to make eco-friendly handkerchiefs for students who have a difficulty getting environmental educations. With the help of the teachers, whole school could participate in the campaign.



It was worthy time to learn environment by making eco-friendly handkerchief, writing my green activity message, face-painting, panel exhibition, playing environmental game and palm signature of eco-guards and so on.





Teachers and school officials said thanks to university students.





We hope the students of Namgok Elementary School to be the leaders of future who think of the environment continuously.

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