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Friday March 29th, 2020


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[U.S] Washington D.C. City Hall Meeting Reple 1

  • Location | Washington D.C. City Hall
  • Date | 2011.08.08
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[U.S] Washington D.C. City Hall Meeting

August 8, 2011. This is Washington, D.C., the capital of the United States.
DAEJAYON arrived in Washington, D.C. City Hall early in the morning.

The U.S. team has been sent in to urge environmental issues in C40 cities, 

but actually Washington, D.C is not in C40.

 However, DAEJAYON held a meeting with an environment official

from Washington, D.C. City Hall 

to share the opinions of the C40 and to discuss the city's environmental projects.



DAEJAYON hosted an environment seminar 

at the Ministry of Environment in the city hall.
DAEJAYON gave presentations on the DAEJAYON report 

and the establishment 

of the global Green Campus network of DAEJAYON.^^*


Environment Ministry officials gave presentations on environmental policies and ongoing environmental projects in Washington, D.C.

Hold on!
What are the typical environmental policies of Washington, D.C.?
1. Restoration of Washington, D.C.
2. Demonstration of Green Program
3. Development of Environmental Regulations

4. Expanding civic education on the environment and promoting public relations.  


The official said he was very impressed with the activities that students are doing.

Like promoting the C40 and announcing the seriousness 

of climate change by themselves.

He also said that he hoped it would be an opportunity for many students to be alert and act on the environment.

And he said that if there is any activity that he can promote with university students,

he definitely would like to do it with 'DAEJAYON members.'^^

I'm looking forward to the activities to do in the Washington, D.C., the heart of the United States. ^^*

I also look forward to the activities to do with lots of local students very soon.

all together


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