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Tuesday August 11th, 2020

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[KOR] StarWas "Gireum Station Fine Dust Campaign"

  • Location | Gireum Station
  • Date | 2019.05.22
  • View | 368




Hello, we are Star was!

We launched a "Green World" campaign to inform citizens 

of the seriousness of fine dust and what they can do to reduce it.

At Gireum Station gate 3, we explained the severity of fine dust to citizens passing by.

We also explained the actions written on the panels

that the individuals should do to reduce the fine dust.

We reminded people that "even the small action helps a lot to reduce the fine dust."

Those who listened to the explanation of panel realized the seriousness of fine dust, 

and were astonished that about 20 thousands people die because of fine dust.

Citizens posted a leaf-shape post-it on the tree with a pledge of reducing the fine dust.

This is a tree made by citizens who promised to protect the environment.

This activity was truly a great opportunity

to learn more about the severity of fine dust and how to reduce it.

All the team members of the Eco Exchange Program!

Let's raise awareness of more people and lead people to practice with our activities.

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