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Saturday January 29th, 2022


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Online Result Report Meeting on "Minimal Energy Campus Life"

  • Location | Online
  • Date | 2021.10.17
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Today online result report meeting was held with students from 7 university clubs

who participated in the Minimal Energy Campus Life Project hosted by DAEJAYON

and supported by Seoul Metropolitan Government and Green Seoul Citizen Committee.

[Participating Clubs]

KUSEP from Korea University

Ecogardien from Dongduk Women's University

Green Project in Afterschool from Seoul National University

Reskku from Sungkyunkwan University

SEM from Sookmyung Women's University

Yongreen from Yonsei University

E-NERGY from Ewha Womans University

Students shared the Green Campus activities that were conducted in various ways

such as, fostering green uni and green uni leaders, creating green campus zone,

practicing minimal energy in daily life, online seminar, making short posters and surveys,

although there were many online classes due to COVID-19,

Students installed timer outlets that automatically shuts off power

at dawn and weekends when electronics aren't used.

Also, they installed power strip organizer that helps to easily turn off power

by organizing plugs that are not used.

Seoul National University and Sookmyung Women's University

continued their book circulation activity,

which we installed the Gibook & Take Book Free Zone last year.

This year Dongduk Women's University installed a polar bear bookshelf

and made CO2 Reduction Green Campus Zone by paper saving and resource circulation.

Yonsei University carried out their energy reduction movement on campus

by designating energy-free zone seats,

where you are not allowed to use electronics in the reading room.

In Sungkyunkwan University, Korea University,

Sookmyung Women's Univeristy and Seoul National University,

Green Campus Zone was created

in places with large floating populations and campus notice board,

promoting the activities of minimal energy and green campus by installing paper panels.

Students also promoted the minimal energy life campaign activities

such as emptying mailboxes, erasing unused apps, organizing cloud data,

unplugging, attaching name tags on electronics, installing power strips

and charging electronics within two hours

and encouraged the participation of college students.

Also, awareness raising campaign and SNS promotion contents was made

based on the survey on the college students' perception of standby power

and energy consumption and standby power of electronic products on campus.

Students completed the Green Uni Education Program and Green Uni Fostering Program

for fostering environmental leaders.

The seven campus clubs planned and conducted green campus activities to reduce CO2

under various themes such as zero waste, proper waste separation,

vegan food and mask recycling.

All the clubs worked hard for Green Campus.

The Grand Award (Mayor of Seoul Award) went to SEM,

Excellent Award (Mayor of Seoul Award) went to Green Project in Afterschool,

and the Excellent Award (DAEJAYON President Award) went to Ecogardien!

Look forward to the activities of Minimal Energy Campus Life carried out with DAEJAYON!

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