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Sunday December 3rd, 2023


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Online Launching Ceremony on "Minimal Energy Campus Life"

  • Location | Online
  • Date | 2021.04.18
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The online launching ceremony on "Minimal Energy Campus Life" was held

with 84 students from environmental clubs of seven universities in Seoul on April, 18.

It was the first meeting,

that all the clubs gathered before starting this year's Green Campus Project.

Even though it was held in the exam period,

many students participated in the online launching ceremony.

First, we watched the introduction video of DAEJAYON

and listened to a lecture on minimal energy.

Through the lecture, students learned about the meaning of 'minimal energy'

which is a compound word of environmental

and minimal life, receiving satisfaction and happiness by minimal objects.

Also, looking through the standby power and power consumption

of various electronic products on campus,

we looked at ways to raise environmental awareness of college students,

reduce unnecessary standby power and save energy

in universities with is an energy glutton institution.

Next, guidelines for this year's Green Campus Project were given.

We look forward to various minimal energy activities

such as standby power awareness survey, installing timer outlets,

making online card news, and campaigns.

Lastly, we had introductions of each club.

Although it was conducted online, we were able to get to know each other

and share various ideas on the green campus activity plans for this year.

Participating campus clubs

KUSEP, Korea University 

Ecogardien, Dongduk Women's University

Banggsa, Seoul National Uniceriy

Re:Skku, Sungkyunkwan University

Green Snow, Sookmyung Women's University

Yongreen, Yonsei University

E-NERGY, Ewha Womans University

We look forward to your interest and participation

in the Minimal Energy Campus Life campaign,

leaving the least amount of electricity for the sustainable Earth and the environment.

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