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Tuesday October 26th, 2021


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  • Date | 2021.03.01
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Hosted by DAEJAYON and ECO YOUTH Corp.
Sponsored by the Ministry of Environment

In April 2021, 300 college students are appointed as the BLUE SKY Ambassadors. 
30 teams will exert global influence.
Future generations' international solidarity movement to regain blue sky.

"The voice of future generations have gathered to solve the generational conflict between the causers of climate crisis and the handlers. The role of an individual for the environment, such as Greta Thunberg, is the driving force to change the world." 

Currently, air pollution has huge impact on health and climate. According to the World Health Organization [WHO], 90 percent of the world’s population is exposed to air pollution, and 7 million people are estimated to die early from air pollution every year. 

International cooperation for clean air is needed as many countries around the world are suffering from fine dust.
To commemorate the "International Day of Clean Air for the blue skies (September 7)" proposed by the Republic of Korea at the 74th session of the United Nation General Assembly, we are proceeding the "Blue Sky Influence Challenge" to exert global influence in finding solutions to reduce find dust.

In 2021, 300 outstanding college students with experience in environmental activities in 10 countries―that signed MOU with the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Koreawill be appointed as the BLUE SKY Ambassadors.
Composed of 30 teams, they will carry out activities to develop novel solutions that can influence fine dust created at home, university and society through the "Blue Sky Influence Challenge" after completing professional education.

Also, we will bring youths togetherwho have worked hard to tackle fine dust in their home countryand hold the "1st Happy Birthday to Blue Sky," a presentation on the best innovative idea.
Through this, we plan to share the cases, experiences and practicable ideas that can be adopted as a solution to reduce fine dust.
We look forward to your participation.
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