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Friday October 23th, 2020


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[South Africa] Establishing IGCAUS and Meeting with Green Campus Environmental Club Reple 1

  • Location | University of West Cape Town in South Africa
  • Date | 2012.07.19
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July 2012, Daejayon visited South Africa and carried out Green Campus environmental movement in University of West Cape Town in South Africa.
Daejayon established IGCAUS with students of University of West Cape Town who have contacted continuously since 2011.


Let’s see the activities of students of University of West Cape Town.




University of West Cape Town has nature reserve “Fynbos” for its native plants.
Fynbos has many plants to be protected in places.
It is because there are more than 9,000 species of plants!
Furthermore 6,200 species of vegetation don’t grow in other areas.
So there are many various activities to protect them naturally.



Besides, they have been proceeding the activity of reducing carbon footprints.
For this, all of students and the teaching staffs participate in the separate collection project.
The separated trashes are gathered and weighted, and they are digitized to know how much of recyclable trashes are collected. And then, they are classified.
The project has created about 120 green jobs.
And recyclable things are compressed and sold again to the factory.
The profits are returned to the university.



In order to announce this and change the consciousness on environment to the whole universities,
They have been carrying out various campaigns annually under the slogan of “Zero Waste.”

Daejayon shared activities each other and promised to proceed global activities together through the network.


Through these activities of July,
Ashley, a university student of University of West Cape Town, participated in “2012 Environmental Forum for International University Students” hosted by Daejayon in August.



They presented various activities that had been carried out in their countries, and shared it with university students.

His enthusiastic presentation was impressed. He got an award for this great activities.


Activities of Green Campus in South Africa have much expectation!
We hope to run global activities through the continuous network with Daejayon!

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