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Friday March 7th, 2021


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KGCAUS Community "Share Your Green Vision!"

  • Location | Seoul Citizens Hall Taepyeong Hall
  • Date | 2013.09.29
  • View | 2869

KGCAUS Community "Share your green vision!"

on September 29th, 2013!

Here is Taepyeong Hall in the second basement-level of Seoul Citizens Hall.


Today, here,

a special event,

Korea Green Campus Association of University Students (KGCAUS) Young Leader Community,

'2013 Share your green vision!' was held.

Let's have a closer look! =]


Today's community satified thirst of students who had only worked online :)

Thus we had time

to introduce new members of KGCAUS,

to arrange joint project of KGCAUS

and to make a plan for the future KGCAUS program.


Especially, through a program 'I hope it to KGCAUS,'

we could listen precious opinion of students. :)


Let's look into each group!



Group 1 was made up of Hannuri of Kyunghee University, Ecomalion of Hanshin University,

AIESEC of Ewha Womans University, and AIESEC of Seoul National University.

All members participated to community actively from start to end. :)


Group 2 was made up of Natural Environment Research Group of Dongnam Health University,

 Green Hands of Sangji University, and Youth Green of Hanyang Women's University.

 sorry for no photo... T.T


Young Nature in Hong-ik of Hong-ik University, Green Campus of Sangmyung University, Saengsaeng Su-da of Ewha Womans University, Urgan Egoist of Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, and Nature+ of Shin-gu University were Group 3. :)



Group 4 was made up of Green Action of Suwon University, Eco Lime of Seoul National University, The Green of Kukmin University, Natural Environment Research Group of Dongnam Health University, UFFANS(University Forum of Foreign Affairs and National Security, union circles of University of Seoul, Kwang-woon University, Korea University), and Green Mate of Kwang0woon University.



Group 5 consisted of Natural Environment Research Group of Dongnam Health University, WITH(union circles of Dongduk Women's University and Sejong University), and Clean Ajou Project of Ajou University.


And Natural Environment Research Group of Dongnam Health University, Green Leader of Dongyang Mirae University, G.A.Green of Yonsei University and Green Square of Chung-ang Univeristy were group 6.


At first, each group made its slogan :)

Various interesting ideas came out.



Group 5 showed a great collaboration with their leader, Gwangjin Ji :D


It was so impressive to emphasize that they were group 5.



Seunghyeon Choi was a leader this time, too.

He led team members with a great leadership. :)

This team expressed wave and wind XD

AIESEC of Seoul National University did their best! 

As expected, you are the best, AIESEC XD



Group 4 liked jumping and jumping~!



Group 3 was calm and cool~



'Green toe'...?

Group 2 shouted 'green toe', nor green footprint neither handprint.

The photo showed us how they were shy =]

Especially, it was very impressive that the leader went back to his chair with bashful blushes.


Group 6 was also impressive~!

The leader's voice was so powerful :)

and members were cheerful and powerful, too.



Following part was the interim report of students who had been proceeding some project in Seoul. 

The presentation of AISEC of Ewha Womans University, who had conducted a great activity followed.

They also had done many cooperative activities with Daejayon!



For example, AISEC and Daejayon held '2013 International Environmental Students Conference BIODIVERSITY EXPO' together on last July.

It offered an opportunity that university students by themselves encouraged teenagers' activities.

Thanks to AIESEC of Ewha University! And we send applause for their active and enthusiastic activities. :D



The following presentation was of UFFANS(University Forum of Foreign Affairs and National Security, union circles of University of Seoul, Kwang-woon University, Korea University),



They explained the activity with Earth Hour in detail. =)



The last presentation was of

Young Nature in Hong-ik of Hong-ik University!



Their activity to make zero standby power was so impressive!

They explained the importance of energy saving to other students

through various activities such as 'turning off unused compurters' campaign and 'setting a timer socket' campaign.



Following the students' presentation, environmental special lecture was delivered

by the general secretary of Daejayon.


Today's theme was "the Role of KGCAUS to Form Green Campus."

"To make green campus, which activities do we need?"

It is very important question for our goal and direction of the future activities.



Also, through it, we can check what and how much we can do :)

The lecture began with students' applause.



The general secretary promised that Daejayon would actively encourage and support activities of university students

with Green Campus Network.

Now we can conduct global and sustainable activities,

not limited to Korea.

Through an example of overseas green campus,

we can understand that the role of university students is very important!

It is because that we, the university students, are the masters of university.


Thus, all activities you have done are a great asset for the future Earth.

Now, it's lunch time~!!

There were some meaningful events during it!!



Standby power card game,

and a signature campaign for making 'ZERO standby power' campus!



There was also another game, 'Catch Our Home's Electricity Burglar, Standby Power.'



Many students participated to the events.

Was it for gift?

Nope~ for expressing their passion for the environment!



Wow~ who are these beautiful girls?

"Please turn off unused computers."

They are public ambassadors~ :)



Club 'WITH' prepared the event introducing an eco-bag made of used banners.



The first part after lunch time was

introducing KGCAUS' activities so far.


Daejayon's assistant manager, Lee presented the current state of environmental clubs belonging to KGCAUS and their activities.

Truly, KGCAUS is the representative of Korean green campus network =]


Then, let's meet the new members of KGCAUS!


First, it was Clean Ajou Project of Ajou University.

The president is Gwangjin Ji.


He is famous for his passion for the environment!

In the campus as well, he has been planning and proceeding various environmental activities. :)


The next club was Saeng-saeng Su-da of Ewha Womans University!

This club proceeds various environmental activities about 'water'.



Let's keep our cooperation for the environment! :D




All the students listened to presentation of other clubs intently and were interested to their activities.

Truly you are the members of KGCAUS!!



The following was Ji-hwan Huh, president of Green Hands of Sangji University :)

He is a so coooool guy~


The last speaker was

Youngjoo Choi, president of Urgan Egoist of Hankuk University of Foreign Studies.

Urgan Egoist has been conducting a campaign of saving water.

It is to attach a sticker written 'Water becomes war' to a sink.

This sticker is changed when water fills a sink at certain temperature:

the letters 't' and 'e' of 'water' disappear so that only the word 'war' is left.

They induce people to have awareness of saving water through this.



Then, we moved on to network activities.

At first, we had time sharing limitation of environmental club activities.

There are lot of limitations for university student's environmental activities.

This activity is for listening students' opinion about it and finding out solution together.



As all clubs have their unique characteristics, various opinions about limitation and solution came out :)



They first introduced their various activities,

such as conductiong a campaign, operating Green shop, researching energy waste in campus, and doing academic activities. 

Then, they shared opinions about problems due to uncooperative university and financial problems,

and discussed about the solution for them.


Group 1 was concentrating on the discussion. :)



Group 3 was discussing in bright atmosphere XD



Group 4 discussed together from beginning to end. ;)


The next part was discussing how to raise the standard of club activities through KGCAUS Network.


What is the biggest difference between the clubs affiliated to KGCAUS and the others?



KGCAUS, as an association of about 50 domestic environmental clubs,

provides a network of environmental activities to students in order to create a big synergy effect.



Then, how can we become more active club through KGCAUS network?


The presidents of each club came to the front

and presented how each club would utilize the KGCAUS network

in the form of panel discussion.



For example, if club A usually holds an environmental photo exhibition

and club B, which studies on the environmental research, wants to hold environmental photo exhibition,

club B can receive help from club A.

 This is the biggest advantage of KGCAUS!



To create SYNERGY effect of the environmental activities!

That is, the environmental clubs beloing to KGCAUS can branches various and developed environmental activities

through the network with environmental clubs of other universities.


It was a precious community time

that we could know what university students want from KGCAUS,

and where we should head for. :D


Of course, the last part was taking a group photo!



See you on the next community~

with more active activities and practice :D


Daejayon KGCAUS is always with you.

Cheer up, KGCAUS~!

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